Why support the FIBC (Fukuoka International Business Council)?

The FIBC is the premier organization dedicated to fostering and advancing business in the vibrant city of Fukuoka, Japan. By supporting the FIBC, you can enjoy a host of exclusive benefits tailored specifically for the dynamic business environment in Fukuoka:

  1. Strategic Networking: Connect with influential professionals, industry leaders, and like-minded entrepreneurs who are shaping the business landscape in Fukuoka. The FIBC offers unparalleled networking opportunities to establish valuable connections and foster meaningful collaborations.

  2. Advocacy and Influence: As a supporter of the FIBC, you contribute to the collective voice advocating for the interests of international businesses in Fukuoka. Benefit from the FIBC’s proactive advocacy efforts, working closely with government officials and policymakers to shape favorable business policies and regulations.

  3. Industry Insights and Market Intelligence: Gain access to cutting-edge industry insights, market trends, and valuable intelligence reports curated by the FIBC. Stay ahead of the curve and make informed business decisions through the FIBC’s comprehensive research and analysis capabilities.

  4. Exclusive Events and Forums: Participate in high-profile events, seminars, and forums organized by the FIBC, featuring renowned thought leaders and industry experts. Exchange ideas, share best practices, and gain valuable knowledge to drive your business forward.

  5. Visibility and Recognition: Elevate your company’s profile and gain enhanced visibility within the Fukuoka business community. Showcase your brand through prominent placements on the FIBC website, event materials, and publications, reinforcing your reputation as a leader in international business.

  6. Business Collaboration Opportunities: Explore potential collaborations, joint ventures, and strategic partnerships within the diverse network of FIBC members. Tap into the extensive resources and expertise of fellow industry professionals to unlock new business opportunities and drive mutual growth.

By supporting the FIBC, you align yourself with the forefront of Fukuoka’s international business community, positioning your company as a key player in the region. Take advantage of the FIBC’s comprehensive suite of resources, influential connections, and tailored services to thrive in the dynamic business landscape of Fukuoka.


The Pioneer Sponsorship is an opportunity for companies to join the FIBC as early supporters and play a vital role in fostering international business growth in Fukuoka. As a Pioneer Sponsor, your company will receive recognition and exclusive benefits, demonstrating your commitment to the Fukuoka business community.


  • Logo placement on the FIBC website and event materials.
  • Recognition as a Pioneer Sponsor in FIBC publications.
  • Complimentary participation in select FIBC networking events.
  • Access to industry reports and market insights.
  • Opportunity to contribute articles or thought leadership content in FIBC communications.

Annual Fee: JPY 50,000


The Visionary Sponsorship represents a higher level of engagement and visibility within the FIBC. As a Visionary Sponsor, your company will gain enhanced recognition, networking opportunities, and exclusive access to influential business leaders in Fukuoka. Showcase your commitment to driving international business success in the region.


  • All benefits of the Pioneer Sponsorship, plus:
  • Upgraded logo placement with higher visibility on the FIBC website and event materials.
  • Priority access to exclusive FIBC seminars and workshops.
  • Recognition as a Visionary Sponsor in FIBC publications and press releases.
  • Featured article or interview opportunity in FIBC communications.

Annual Fee: JPY 200,000


The Strategic Sponsorship is the highest level of partnership with the FIBC, offering unparalleled visibility, influence, and networking opportunities. As a Strategic Sponsor, your company will be positioned as a key supporter of international business growth in Fukuoka, gaining access to premium benefits and extensive industry exposure.


  • All benefits of the Visionary Sponsorship, plus:
  • Prime logo placement on the FIBC website and event materials, including homepage and dedicated sponsors’ page.
  • Exclusive sponsorship recognition in key FIBC events and conferences.
  • VIP access to FIBC networking events, including exclusive meet-and-greet sessions with industry leaders.
  • Priority consideration for speaking opportunities at FIBC conferences and panels.
  • Customized marketing and branding opportunities tailored to your company’s needs.

Annual Fee: JPY 500,000

Become a Sponsor

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