A Vibrant Start: The FIBC Inauguration Session 2023

On May 22, 2023, an atmosphere of innovation and collaboration filled the Fukuoka Red Brick Culture Museum as we kickstarted the Fukuoka International Business Council (FIBC) Inauguration Session. The essence of Fukuoka’s vibrant business community was tangible as a diverse mix of participants came together, marking a significant milestone in the city’s journey towards establishing a robust international business network.

Our inaugural session focused on various core topics. We opened discussions around similar organizations operating within Fukuoka, exploring their structures, successes, and challenges. This was a valuable opportunity to learn from existing models and build on their accomplishments while developing unique solutions for any gaps identified.

Our attendees shared their expectations from the FIBC. We collectively envision a council that not only brings together businesses of different sizes and sectors but also fosters a conducive environment for collaboration, networking, and mutual growth. It was heartening to witness the shared vision of strengthening Fukuoka’s position as a globally competitive business hub, with a strong focus on innovation and sustainable development.

Next, we set out to define our short-term goals, laying the foundation for future activities. These include setting up specific industry committees, beginning outreach to prospective members, and identifying key issues and opportunities within each sector. In all our objectives, a strong emphasis was placed on creating an inclusive, productive council that values each member’s contribution.

The next FIBC session has been scheduled for June 19, 2023. We are excited to continue this journey of collaboration and growth. Moving forward, regular meetings will be held on the third Monday of every month, allowing us to maintain momentum in our pursuit of shared goals.

The successful inauguration of the FIBC serves as a testament to Fukuoka’s enterprising spirit and dedication to fostering a thriving business environment. We look forward to seeing the positive impacts of this council in the years to come.